Frustrated Colorado Man Arrested After Shooting Uncooperative Computer 8 Times

The computer kept giving him the “blue screen of death” so Lucas Hinch escalated the war between man and machine.

When turning a machine on and off does not work, you should just shoot the thing and get it over with – or at least that's what Colorado man Lucas Hinch was probably thinking when he took his faulty Dell computer into a back alley and shot eight bullets into its metallic body.

The exercise could have been cathartic if it weren’t for the fact that it got him arrested.

As it turns out, “executing” a machine is not a criminal offense in Colorado Springs, but discharging a weapon within city limits is. The handgun-toting 37-year-old was apparently not aware of the law when he used his 9-mm pistol to get the revenge for his computer’s “blue screen of death.”

“He got tired of fighting with his computer for the last several months,” Lt. Jeff Strossner said. “He was having technology problems, so he took it out in the back alley and shot it.”

A neighbor called 911 to report the gunshots.

“[Hinch] was very matter-of-fact about it and cooperative. He had just gotten a new gun and had enough of his computer,” said the police spokesperson. “He did tell us he thought it was OK because we are an open carry state.”

Hinch will most likely have to pay a fine, but at least he got his catharsis. 

“It was extremely frustrating,” Hinch explained. “It was premeditated. I made sure there wasn't anything behind it and nothing to ricochet.”

He is scheduled for a May 11 court hearing on the misdemeanor charge.

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