Colorado Releases First Marijuana DUI Ads

A reminder that even though weed is legal in Colorado, smoking and driving isn't.

Now that Colorado has legalized marijuana sales, they're trying to make sure that people enjoy their shiny new substances safely. The Colorado Department of Travel has released a series of ads reminding Coloradans not to drive high.

As plenty of my friends from Colorado will be happy to tell you (at great length), marijuana is safer in many ways than alcohol. The general consensus among scientists is that alcohol is far more detrimental to public driving safety than marijuana, and a 2011 study indicates that overall traffic fatalities decrease in areas where mariuana is legal (presumably because people are high instead of drunk).

However, these ads are still important and warranted. Despite the protests of many YouTube commenters on the vidoes, the likelihood of a traffic fatality doubles if there is any measurable amount of THC in the driver's system, and the less frequently you smoke, the more impaired you get. This makes these ads particularly relevant, now that legalization has opened the door to a whole new crowd of potential marijuana users.

Here are the other two ads:



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