Colorado Rockies Coach Rene Lachemann Hands Out Souvenir And Gives Another Classic Lecture To A Kid! (Video)


Have you ever gotten a souvenir from your hero?

Well, Colorado Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann’s fans have been getting them for quite some time now and then some! 

He routinely hands out souvenir baseballs to young fans but more than that, with every baseball he gives away, he loads the recipient with an earful of lecture as well!

He feels whatever that a moment like this will not be forgotten easily by the recipient and that whatever he tells a young impressionable mind at such a time, would remain with him for all times to come!

Now that sure makes sense!

This is actually an adorable video where Rene lectures the enchanted young lad in his gruff way.

"When your dad says takes out the trash, you take it out. When your mother says clean your room up, you clean it up. When you go to the bathroom, lift the toilet seat up. Don't be peeing on the toilet seat.”

He also asks the boy if he playe video games, getting an answer in affirmative, he goes on to say, "Don't do that either or you'll be a dumb--- like this rest of these idiots (pointing to the players) out here. All they do is play video games. "Eat up all of your vegetables."

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