White Confederates Who Raided A Black Child's Party Face Gang Charges

Gang charges have been filed against the group of White men who invaded a Black child's birthday party in Georgia by driving a convoy of trucks around the property bearing Confederate flags and shouting racial slurs.


The Douglasville, Georgia District Attorney won indictments against the 15 Confederate flag supporters who disrupted a child's birthday party back in July. The group has been accused of violating Georgia's anti-street-gang statute. 

Each of the men was indicted on one count of making terroristic threats and a second count of unlawfully participating in criminal gang activity, The New York Times reports.

“I speak for me and everybody else — we are not guilty in these charges,” said Levi Bush, one of the group's delusional leaders who also maintains that the the partygoers instigated the confrontation. 

Georgia's anti-gang law describes a "criminal street gang" as "any organization, association or group of three or more persons associated in fact, whether formal or informal," that engages in or conspires to commit a defined set of serious criminal acts, according to the Times.

Looking back on the group's threatening parade around a black child's birthday party, let's just say; If they aren't a gang, they certainly were acting like it that day...

A group of White men driving a caravan of pick-up trucks bearing confederate flags interrupted a six year old Black child’s birthday party in Douglasville, Georgia.

The group drove around the party yelling racial slurs and threats, one woman who attended the party said she heard one of them say he would “kill y’all n******.” Party-goers also said they saw some of the men armed with shotguns.

The guests and owners of the home where the party took place were upset an outraged. Police arrived at the scene to diffuse the situation but said they “did not see any criminal or traffic infractions.”

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The police made the group leave the property and arrested one of the passengers on an unrelated charge. The Douglasville Police Department said they are “investigating” if any laws were broken.

One of the men involved in the taunting incident, Levi Bush admitted that the N-word was used as he and his fellow bigots crashed the party. He also claimed they were victimized as rocks were thrown at all of their vehicles as they drove by.

According to Bush, the group is an organization called “Protect the Flag” and they sell confederate and American flags and donate proceeds to veterans.

Confederate flag

He further claims that the group is not racist, although nonchalantly admitting to using the N-word during a raid of a kid’s party debunks that argument.

There were two videos posted to social media by Melissa Alford, a Black woman who lives at the home where it all took place. One of the videos shows the caravan of trucks parked in a group on a grassy area and the other shows the group driving away as police try to calm down the angry party guests.

In one of the videos, you can hear a woman yelling “This is a child’s birthday party!” and a man shouting, “We gunna see y’all again!”

This incident has occurred amid the “Take it Down” movement that pushes for the removal of the confederate flag from all government buildings in the South after it was removed from the South Carolina Statehouse following the fatal shooting of nine churchgoers in Charleston by a racist white man who openly and proudly displayed the confederate flag.

confederate flag

Historically, the flag was the official symbol of the Confederacy and  “southern pride” during the Civil War era, but to African Americans is a blatant symbol of oppression and hatred and relates to a time in history that America should be ashamed of, not proud. Let’s not forget that the Confederacy fought for continued slavery. The last thing that flag needs is “protecting.”  

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