Confirmed: Ricin Found on Letters to Mayor Bloomberg

Two anonymous letters mailed to New York Mayor Bloomberg have been laced with the deadly poison ricin.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a press conference

Two anonymous letters sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tested positive for the poison ricin police reported Wednesday.  According to the New York Times both letters contained threatening statements about gun legislation; one was found at a state mail facility while the other was opened at Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-control organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

NBC News has reported that both letters were mailed from Shreveport, Louisiana on May 20.  Recently ricin-tainted letters have been mailed to President Obama, federal judges, Senator Roger Wicker and other lawmakers and officials leading to the arrests of a handful of suspects. 

Ricin is a poison made form castor beans.  It is fatal if swallowed or inhaled.  A few of the New York police officers who came in direct contact with the letters sent to Mayor Bloomberg did experience minor symptoms, but the officers have received treatment and the symptoms are subsiding.

The ricin threats are being investigated by the F.B.I.’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the New York Intelligence Division.

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