'Conflict Kitchen' Was Forced To Shut Down Due To This Menu Change

It may sound insane, but then isn’t all forms of extremism just that?

Conflict Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant that serves food from countries at conflict with the United States, has had to shut down its business temporarily after they got a threatening letter for serving Palestinian food.


The police are investigating the death threat against Conflict Kitchen, situated in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Plaza.

Conflict Kitchen said it will remain closed until police could assess the credibility of the letter but assured that the show wasn’t over just yet.  

The takeout café is run by artists and aims at starting conversations with customers about countries at odds with the United States.

They have formerly served food from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. But they faced severe criticism, from the likes of Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, B’nai B’rith International and Fox News, when they started serving food from Palestine.

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh say the Conflict Kitchen was biased and only presented Palestinian viewpoint on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Fox News says, “Conflict Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant located at the intersection of Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University, seeks to use food to educate locals and college students about countries that are allegedly in conflict with the United States.”

“It recently began serving Palestinian food wrapped in leaflets that include quotes from Palestinians defending terrorism and opposing the existence of Israel.”

Conflict Kitchen, as expected, disagrees.

"We have demonstrated this in the past by presenting the food, culture, and viewpoints of Iranians, Afghans, Cubans, North Koreans and Venezuelans," the restaurant said in a blog post. "We believe that presenting the viewpoints of Palestinians promotes understanding of Palestinians."

Luckily, Conflict Kitchen has a lot of supporters as well:


Apparently, freedom of expression is not so easily accepted by many. But who would be irked by it but controversy except those that have no respect for the freedom of speech and expression? Fox News, to name one of the critics, is renowned for its racist rants, biased news coverage and shamefully misogynistic views.

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Check out Conflict Kitchen’s wrappers with alleged hate messages on their blog and decide for yourself.

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