That's Right, Congress Is Hated More Than The IRS...and Hipsters

Congress has such a low approval rating, they are hated more than the IRS, cockroaches, your mother in law, and...hipsters.

Certain groups of people and certain things are considered awful by society.  So awful, in fact, that just mentioning them earns a certain act of pain and revulsion, and a look of disgust.  Such is the case with giving taxes to the IRS, mothers in law, cockroaches, and yes, hipsters.  But all of them do not best one of the few kings of the hate pile, the United States Congress:  People prefer such vile things over Congress.

Public Policy Polling revealed a series of polls with registered voter conducted last week.  Their polls come as Congress' approval rating is at approximately 8%, which is hard to beat in most circumstances in terms of being the most hated people out there.  However, what PPP wanted to do was not just get a sense of how much people hate Congress right now, but the depth of their hatred.  So they went through a list of various controversial and obnoxious topics to see which would poll better than Congress.  The result:  Most of them were more liked than Congress.

To be fair, Congress is not completely hated by everyone.  They still poll better than Vladimir Putin (49%-28%), Syria (51-22), Miley Cyrus (46-31), and heroin (53-24).  Furthermore, while the IRS — yes, the IRS — are liked more than Congress (by a score of 42-33), it is only because Democrats hate Congress more than Republicans hate the IRS.

Still, the numbers are terrible for Congress.  Dog poop beats Congress, 47-40.  Jury duty over Congress, a landslide 73-18.  The DMV, another landslide at 58-24.  Toenail fungus edges out at 44-41.  Witches, with their hair on fire and their nails long, beat Congress handedly at 46-32.  Cockroaches and potholes, friends in need, win over Congress at 44-42 and 47-36.  It goes on.  Hipsters, the punks and greasers and beats and grunge kids of this generation, outpoll Congress 42-33.  Meanwhile, mothers-in-law are given a steamrolling victory over Congress at 64-20, but partly because they are mothers.

This is not the first time PPP has polled the depth of Americans' hatred for their own Congress.  PPP also did it earlier in 2013, and their topics showed an even greater disdain:  Congress was outpolled by traffic jams, root canals, lice, pundits, and Donald Trump.  But the most grievous blow to Congress?  That terrible insult and abomination to music and Canada, Nickelback, is more liked than the United States Congress 39%-32%.

(Image Sources:  Flickr: iNFdesu, Bryan Jones)

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