Conman Admits Faking Coma To Escape Trial

Talk about a guy who really, really didn't want his day in court.

A fraudster and his wife previously jailed for cooking up a cock and bull story in order to escape trial for fraud in Sketty Park, Swansea, Wales have finally admitted to the crime.

Alan Knight, 47, along with his wife Helen, 34, conned his 86-year-old neighbor out of more than £40,000 by faking illness, and later pretending to be in coma for two years.

Helen even clicked a picture with her husband hooked up to an oxygen tank and stated to authorities that he was quadriplegic who could  only communicate by squinting his eyes.

However, the plan executed by the couple apparently wasn’t foolproof after police got their hands on CCTV footage last year, showing Knight and his wife shopping at Tesco and also driving across the Severn Bridge in a holiday caravan – all in perfect health.

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Knight and his wife were arrested in October and jailed for four-and-a-half years on account of theft and forgery.

In a hearing on Tuesday, Knight appeared in court via video-link from Parc Prison in Bridgend in a wheelchair. Helen, however, appeared in the court dock in person for her guilty plea.

After the session, the woman was granted bail for two weeks whereas Knight was taken back to his prison cell.

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The court has been adjourned until Sept. 8 and Knight’s wife remains on bail till then.

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