Conservatives React In Apocalyptic Freak-Out Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The U.S. and Iran finally reach an agreement on a nuclear deal, but as expected conservatives flip out fearing Armageddon and referencing Hitler.

Senator Mark Kirk

After months of negotiations and a rather intense week of top-level diplomatic discussions, the U.S. and five other world powers have finally reached an agreement with Iran to curb the country’s nuclear pursuits.  In exchange for gradually lifting sanctions, Iran will cut the number of centrifuges spinning uranium at Iran’s main nuclear site at Natanz by half, the giant underground enrichment site at Fordo will be partly converted into a facility for medical isotope production and all facilities will be subject to international inspections.

President Obama made the strong case that this agreement strictly prohibits Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. “If Iran cheats,” he said, “the world will know it.”

But as expected, the fear-mongering, war-hungry conservatives disagree that this deal is totally worthwhile, relating the framework to World War II and, of course, the Apocalypse.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) compared the agreement to an event that ignited World War II.

“Neville Chamberlain got a better deal from Adolf Hitler,” Kirk said referencing the former British Prime Minister’s move to sign the Munich Agreement with German dictator Adolf Hitler, that gave part of Czecholaksi to Germany, but Hitler violated the agreement and invaded Poland — starting World War II.

Other Republicans chimed in as well. House Speaker John Boehner called the framework an “alarming departure from the White House’s initial goals” and freshman senator and leader of the #47traitors, Tom Cotton, promised to “work with Senate colleagues to protect America from this very dangerous proposal.”

Other conservatives took to Twitter to relive the glory days of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco, call out the supposed hypocrisy of advocating for gay rights in the U.S. while preventing war abroad and warn of the end of the world.

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