Contractor In Pakistan Peddling Bricks From Bin Laden Compound

Shakeel Ahmed is selling Pakistan’s most ghoulish souvenirs.

Contractor in Pakistan peddling bricks from Bin Laden compound

Shakeel Ahmed is selling Pakistan’s most ghoulish souvenirs.

The Pakistani contractor is peddling 180,000 bricks from slain Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s demolished three-story compound in Abbottabad, according to

The discount price: A mere nickel apiece.

Ahmed was hired earlier this year by the Pakistan government to destroy the home where U.S. Navy SEALs gunned down Bin Laden in a daring raid one year ago Tuesday.

After Ahmed tore out everything from the pipes and curtains to the olive trees and bathtubs, the house was bulldozed — leaving the huge pile of bricks on the property.

When the rubble was put up for auction, he paid about $5,300 for the whole lot after other frightened local businessmen declined to bid.

Visitors from across Pakistan began making the trek to the property to buy a piece of blood-spattered history.

Ahmed said he’s now traveling with a bodyguard — just in case Islamic militants find fault with his making a buck off Bin Laden.

“My family is very worried that my life now is in danger,” he told The Daily Telegraph.