Cop Caught On Tape Discussing How To Get Away With Killing Black Man

In our current sociopolitical climate, it's no surprise that some police officers are not only inflicting unnecessary violence, but also actively planning such in advance, knowing full well that they can get away with it. These cops give the rest a bad name.

Alexander City, Alabama police officer Troy Middlebrooks was recorded discussing ways to kill a black man and cover it up.

The recording took place at a home where the suspect in question, Vincent Bias, was visiting relatives. The officer had arrested Bias weeks earlier on drug charges, but Bias made bail. 

An audibly frustrated Middlebrooks pulled Bias’ white brother-in-law over and told him that he didn’t trust Bias (probably assuming, hey, this guy’s white. That means he’s on my side.). Then he told the brother-in-law that, if he were the suspect’s relative, he would “f—cking kill that mother—“

"Before the police got here, I’d put marks all over my sh—t, make it like he was trying to f—ckin' kill me, I godd—n guarantee you. What would it look like? Self f—ckin' defense."

“That mother— needs a godd—n bullet.”

Little did Middlebrooks know that the brother-in-law had been secretly taping him.

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As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the incident took place in 2013. It was settled quietly out of court, and the officer kept his job. In fact, even after NBC News broke the story this week, Middlebrooks was not taken off duty nor reprimanded in any way.

In fact, Police Chief Willie Robinson actually defended the officer.

"He was just talking. He didn’t really mean that."

In a culture where a cop gets away with even threatening to kill a man out of self-defense, a man who was not charged for any violent crime, is it any wonder that we have such a police brutality problem? Is it any wonder that so many lives are actually being lost?

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Banner image credit: Alexander City Police Department

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