NYPD Cop Shoots At Dog, Misses And Shoots His Sergeant

An NYPD cop shot at a charging pitbull but missed and accidentally shot his partner.

pit bull charges at NYPD police officer and cop shoots and hits his sergeant and partner

An NYPD police officer accidentally shot his sergeant while attempting to shoot a charging dog.

The NYPD officers entered a building to investigate an assault, when a woman opened the door and a pit bull ran out. According to the police, the dog charged at them and that’s when the officer tried to shoot the animal.


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The bullet grazed the dog and apparently ricocheted off a wall, striking the sergeant’s right foot.

While thankfully no one was hurt, it is one of those cases where the public looks at police conduct and questions whether they can be too gun-happy.

Considering the recent accidental shooting of Akai Gurley, who was an unarmed black man just walking in his apartment building, debate over proper gun procedure for police has been heated. Gurley was shot by a rookie cop who had his gun out and safety off. When Gurley entered the stairwell one floor below them, the cop was startled and accidentally shot the gun in the dark and unlit stairwell. Gurley was 28 years old when he was shot and killed.


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Cop shoots partner when trying to shoot dog, partner, sergeant

The dog owner told ABC 7 news that, “The dog didn’t bite. I don’t know why he bust a shot… Thank god my dog is alive.”

Obviously, if a pit bull was charging at you, that would be terrifying. Nevertheless, he could have seriously harmed his partner, so these discussions are important. 

Watch the full story below.



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