Cop Who Attacked Teen At Pool Party Watched The Footage For Fun

Eric Casebolt isn't sorry. Eric Casebolt, the Texas officer who assaulted a young Black girl at a pool party, had created a fetishistic YouTube playlist titled “police training.”

Eric Casebolt

The playlist is filled with videos depicting, even reveling in, incidents of police brutality, with titles such as “Man Sucker-Punches Cop Gets Kicked In The Face.”

Other videos, such as “Man Attacks Baltimore Police Officer” and “Caught on tape. Cop fights for his life”- demonstrate that Casebolt was actively seeking out provocation and even justification for police violence.

It appears that Casebolt was gearing up for his own opportunity to inflict violence under the guise of righteousness.

Eric Casebolt, McKinney Pool Party Cop

What’s more, there’s a distinct racial angle to Casebolt’s thirst for violence. On the list is a video, “Chief tells the TRUTH that Black people don’t want to hear,” that depicts Police Chief Edward Flynn attempting to sweep white-on-Black crime under the rug by shifting the emphasis to the larger issue of Black victimization (strongly implied as Black-on-Black crime).

Finally there is the video titled “COPS CRASH POOL PARTY,” which readers will recognize as the recording of Casebolt himself: wrestling 15-year old, bikini-clad Dajerria Becton to the ground, pulling his gun at two boys who attempt to help her, then continuing to manhandle an already subdued Becton.

McKinney officer in 'disturbing' video

Was Casebolt deriving some perverse pleasure from watching himself attack these kids? And if the teens were “asking for it,” if Casebolt was justified in attacking them, why would he bookmark this video for posterity? Does a person forced to hurt someone in self-defense enjoy reliving the incident?

Widespread apologism for police brutality is what allows people like Eric Casebolt to endure. There are many who uphold the police as unquestionable guardians of justice, who argue that theirs is the necessary evil that prevents worse evils. But “protector of the people” is a title that is earned through action, not bestowed through any badge. 

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