Cops Forget Rule Number One While Doing Number Two

These cops can't seem to remember one basic rule of owning a gun, and will need to be re-taught a certain component of the job.

gun in bathroom

When cops can't remember the most important rule of owning a gun, people get scared.

That's what happens when police officers, the people we trust (most of the time) to carry weapons, leave them in bathroom stalls, forgetting to bring it with them after doing their business.

It happened so recently that the cops now need to be re-trained about gun control and the responsibility of carrying a weapon.

Cops will need to be sent back to training in order to practice what to do if you need to go to the bathroom, without putting someone's life potentially at danger. Especially when children are nearby.

As embarrassing as this is already, what's even more comical is that the news of these errors happening was kept secret among lawmakers, until the information 'leaked out'. That's what happens when you don't clean up after yourself!

Apparently, those guilty of leaving their guns in the bathroom were three Capitol U.S police officers. The lessons will need to be re-taught and added to the manuals so that the same mistakes aren't made again.

As silly and annoying it may be for officers to be lectured about this uncomfortable topic, it is crucial to the safety of our civilians.

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