Cops Kill Homeless Man for Throwing Rocks

Police are caught on camera shooting and killing a homeless man for throwing rocks in Pasco, Washington.

A homeless man caught throwing rocks at cars by police was fatally shot thirteen times in Pasco, Washington on Tuesday.

The deadly shooting was captured on cell-phone video and witnessed by a dozen people. The graphic video shows Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, being chased by police across the street and then collapsing to the ground after being shot. Witnesses say nearly thirteen rounds were fired.

The shooting has prompted a protest on Wednesday outside Pasco’s city hall. Seattle Times reported that this is the fourth fatal police shooting in Pasco in the past six months.

With a shooting this violent and surrounded by the public, it calls into question the growing severity of police brutality in the United States. Police are not only killing minorities and the homeless, but doing so in broad daylight without hesitation. The privilege of today’s police force assumes they have the authority to shoot anyone, anywhere, and that their decisions are valid.

Public concern is mounting against U.S. police brutality and the call for justice finally has been met in this week’s indictment of New York Police Department officer’s shooting death of an innocent African-American man. My hope for Washington state is that the protests in Pasco also lead to a similar case for justice.

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