Cops Pull Over A Teenager And Hand Her A $250 Check

These cops pulling over a teenager and her mom did something noble, restoring our faith in humanity.

A teenager and her mom thought they had done something wrong when police pulled them over in New Hampshire.

Maddie Carlson, 16, who  suffers from a rare type of bone cancer, was wondering why they had been stopped but was soon shocked when the kind-hearted officers handed her a $250 check for her treatment.

As it turned out later, her mother Kathy worked with some officers to give her this special surprise.

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Talking to Inside Edition, Kathy said they hatched the plan when one police lieutenant had got in touch with her saying that a police officer had collected donations for Maddie. The girl’s mother thought it would be interesting if the cops themselves pulled Maddie over and gave her the check. But when putting the plan into action, they found Maddie was too weak to drive.

Instead, Kathy told Maddie they were going out for lunch; police officers soon stopped them and accused Kathy of driving erratically and being distracted by the family dog.

Maddie, who was in the passenger seat, immediately intervened to defend her mother when her eyes fell on Lt. Pierre Pouliot. Since he was a family friend, the teenager immediately concluded that something was going on.

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As stated by Kathy, Maddie “had overwhelming joy” on her face when presented with the check.

“This is emotionally really difficult for her so this was a pick-me-up that melted our hearts. To see her smile – that doesn’t happen often for us right now,” she added.

The girl who was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago has been undergoing radiation and chemo and mostly hasn’t been able to attend school ever since her diagnosis.

Fortunately, many friends and family along with the police officers have teamed up to help the girl through her tough times; supporters even set up a fundraising page for Maddie.

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