Cops Take Selfies With Alleged Intruder Stuck In A Window For Hours

New selfie trend alert: Pose with intruders stuck in windows.

The man got stuck

Nottingham Trent University students Dan De-Niet, 20, and Tom Burdett, 19, were on their way home when they found a suspected burglar dangling upside down from a window 8 feet off the ground, The Tab reports.

He had apparently been stuck up there for almost five hours.

"I got to the top of the stairs and I heard shouting and screaming for help," De Niet said. "I looked up and saw someone wedged in the window."

According to Burdet, "I turned the corner and saw a pair of legs sticking out of a window quite far up. I was in pure hysterics. I couldn't stop laughing for a good few minutes."

The students called for help and the cops arrived; but before they did anything, they asked to take a selfie with the intruder.

Cops Take Selfies With Daniel De Niet

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There’s also a video of the incident:

After the photo op, they broke down the window, much to the relief of the man. His relief was short-lived as he was arrested.

The alleged intruder was identified as 27-year-old Carl Attar. The police charged him with burglary and will keep him in custody until Feb. 2.

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