This Stylish 10-Year-Old CEO Is Now Selling 1,000 Cookies Per Weekend

This fifth-grader CEO can give all the big names in the business world a good run for their money.

Five-year-old Cory Nieves didn’t like taking the bus to school in the freezing cold of New Jersey and one day decided to help his mother buy a car.

He set up a stand in 2009 and sold passersby hot cocoa, lemonade and cookies.

Although someone reported his business to the health department and shut him down for selling cookies in front of his home, almost five years later, Cory is now a fairly successful entrepreneur who is selling 1,000 cookies every weekend.

The 10-year-old fifth-grader is founder, CEO and head of distribution for Mr. Cory's Cookies, and he recently shared his incredibly inspiring story in an interview to MSNBC on MSNBC's "News Nation" hosted by Tamron Hall.

The pint-sized businessman explained Hall how he started out working off of cookie recipes he found online, but ended up creating his own formula that won him more customers.

The ingredients in his baked treats, Cory pointed out, are 75 percent organic and there are no added preservatives. They cost $10 for a dozen, and $34.99 for a platter.

“My favorite is the chocolate chip,” he told ABC News in August. “I come up with all the recipes, and oatmeal raisin has no sugar added.”

In 2012, Cory said, the business moved out of his home and into a commercial kitchen.

As successful as his cookie business may be, it is not the only thing on this ambitious fifth-grader’s mind.

When Cory appeared on “The Ellen Show” in September, he revealed his future plans to the host, saying he wants to attend Princeton University when he graduates from high school.

Also, Cory is sort of a little fashion diva. He has more than 33,000 followers on his Instagram page and his fans simply love his sartorial choices.

As he told the Huffington Post in an interview, “Presentation is the key to success.”

Watch Cory explain his business model to Tamron Hall in the MSNBC video below:

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