Will It Take A Party Bus With Shirtless Male Models For Students To Vote?

How’s that for motivation? In a bid to attract and encourage female students of North Carolina State University to vote.

shirtless male models and party buses will escort them to the polls if they want to vote in style.

The party buses will be “equipped with snacks, prizes and shirtless male models” provided by Cosmopolitan magazine.

They are a lucky bunch indeed, as they beat out many other colleges across the country for this opportunity.

“This is a huge election,” said Cameron Willeford, the student government associate director who applied on behalf of NC State. “We are a pretty big deal, even though we are a southern state—any party could win.”

It is true that North Carolina is a swing state between Republican and Democratic candidates in both local and presidential election cycles, but the "incentive" hasn’t sat well with many.

Let’s face it, it has all the ingredients of inviting righteous wrath.

Not all feel that way though. “Everyone needs to vote,” says freshman Olivia Jansen. “I think it is a clever, effective and hilarious way to get people to the polls.”

However, keeping in mind the fact that NC State is the largest university in North Carolina and the student body is 56 percent male, one does wonder why men weren’t given similar incentives.

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