Could Stoners Decide the Election?

Why the election could be decided by a bunch of Colorado stoners.

Politics is a war of demographics: working class whites, middle-aged women, blue collar Appalachians. On Wednesday, when the smoke clears, the losing side may wish they had reached out to one final group: stoners.

Here’s what I’m smoking: let’s say Romney manages to win Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio, while Obama takes New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Wisconsin. The state that would decide our next president would be Colorado, which is polling close to even, and just happens to have a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis this year.

Will the possibility of legal bud get some shaggy Obama-supporting snowboarders out of their homes and to their local polling place? Or will they be won over by Libertarian Gary Johnson (yeah, he’s running for president too), who has made drug legalization the center of his campaign? Only time will tell, but, fair warning: it might seem like a really long time.

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