Could UCLA Superbug Be The Next Ebola?

179 patients have been exposed to a superbug. How serious is this threat?

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Seven patients at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center of UCLA have been infected with what people are calling a superbug. Two patients have already died from the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Apparently a medical instrument, which was cleaned according to medical standards, transmitted the disease, making it evident that this thing is really hard to kill. The instrument that was involved was a scope that costs $100,000 so disposal is not a readily viable option.

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100 other patients at the hospital may have potentially been exposed. According to experts, a healthy person is not at high risk of becoming ill. But those who have a weakened immune system, such as those staying at a hospital, are in danger.

The infection is called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacea, or CRE, and is incredibly difficult to fight. The few antibodies that are available to combat the infection cause numerous nasty side effects.

The CDC estimated that half of seriously infected patients can die from the bug. Ebola has a similar fatality rate at 50%. 

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Maybe because of the Ebola crisis raging in Africa or the recent measles outbreak in America, people have been panicking about this “superbug.”

But experts remind the public that this is not yet a public health hazard to un-hospitalized people. The infection is very much controlled at this point. 

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