Women Rule The Boardroom In These 3 Countries With The Most Female Managers

Sisters are doing it for themselves in these countries that put women in top managerial positions.

Gender discrimination in work places is one of the most talked about global issues today and this report, released by the International Labor Organization, reveals which countries are the worst – and the best – for businesswomen around the world.

The top 10 names on the list are pleasantly surprising. 

1- Jamaica:

Apparently, Jamaica is winning the race when it comes to female empowerment. Almost 60 percent of the country’s managerial positions are held by women.

2- Colombia:

Colombia scored the second position on the list. A little over 53 percent of managers in the country are women.

3- Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia closely follows with 52.3 percent and hits the third spot on the list.

The United States is the 15th country on the list with the number of female managers at 42.7 percent.

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Norway, Sweden, Finland and United Kingdom, the only four countries where the female representation among companies’ board members exceeds 20 percent, also didn’t make it to the top 10.

Known for their progressive policies, Scandinavian countries have been left behind in this regard by others such as Philippines, Panama, Belarus, Latvia, etc.

Even though the number of women in managerial positions has increased, the number of women holding the higher positions in companies is still not as good, according to the report.

“While women have greatly increased their share of management jobs and as entrepreneurs over the last two decades, all data sources and analyses report a continuing dearth of women in top decision making positions, as CEOs and board members,” says the document.

Unsurprisingly, Algeria, Pakistan and Yemen have the lowest number of women managers among the 160 countries ILO listed in its report.

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