Couple Trapped In An “Unlocked” Closet For 2 Days Rescued By Police, Promptly Arrested

If there is ever a reason to not to do drugs, it's this.

An extremely drugged up couple supposedly trapped in a janitor’s closet at the Marine and Environmental Science Center at Daytona State College in Florida were freed by the police only to be arrested shortly after.

The irony is not lost on all, though it might have been lost on them. They were reportedly high – higher than all three High School Musicals – because the closet they thought they were trapped in was open the entire time.

Both were hit with trespassing charges.

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John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, claimed they were “chased” into the closet on Sunday, but did not clarify exactly who or what was chasing them.

For even more mysterious reasons, Arwood called 911 two days after they were supposedly trapped.

The police were able to locate their secret location because they were led by the foul smell of human excrement and paraphernalia from smoking meth and crack.

Thank goodness the commanding officer managed to bravely open the unlocked door.

Both of them have had prior offenses. Arwood’s records include five prior jail sentences for armed burglary and possession while Campbell was charged with resisting arrest in 2013. So she faces the double charge of trespassing as well as violating her probation.

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