Cowardly Republicans Hate Trump But Won’t Take A Stand Against Him

They care more about protecting their party than protecting the American people.

Donald Trump is not a politician.

He is a businessman with megalomaniac tendencies who has managed to capitalize on fear and racism in order to gain a disappointingly large lead in the early polls for the Republican presidential primary. Recently, Trump proved his ineptitude yet again by vowing to ban Muslims from entering the United States if he is elected president.

This comment sent shock waves through the Internet with everyone from the average Twitter user to the White House is decrying Trump’s proposal and that includes the members of his own party.

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Angry Elephants

Republicans are clearly just as unhappy with Trump as the rest of us. 

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel said that Trump’s comments were, “Completely and totally inconsistent with American values.”

Newly elected Speaker of The House Paul Ryan said that, “What was said yesterday is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”

Even the old dogs such as current Senator and one-time Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain were willing to voice their dissent towards Trump’s comments.

McCain went so far as to call Trump’s plan “foolishness” when asked about it on Tuesday.

So here we have three of the largest luminaries in the Republican party all assenting to Trump’s inadequacy as a potential president, and yet when asked if they would support him should he win the nomination, not one of them was bold enough to stand up for what they really believe.

Spineless Jellyfish

When asked if he would support Trump, McConnel quickly backpedaled from his earlier strong stance and simply said, “"I'm certainly going to support the Republican nominee for president.”

When asked the same question, Ryan’s response was to say that, “I’m going to support whoever the nominee is.”

Even McCain wilted from his principles rather than admit even a hint of party disloyalty.

I doubt if there's any nominee that I totally agreed within my lifetime," McCain told reporters. "I am a loyal Republican and I'll rely on the good judgment of the Republican voters."

Conclusion: Pray For Lions

These three men clearly do not think Trump would be a successful and beneficial president for the American people. Yet each of them has chosen to play politics and tow the line of their quickly disintegrating party rather than protect the people who elected them in the first place.

Trump will more than likely fail in the election due to his own pride and foolishness, however, the failure of Republicans to speak out for what they themselves think is right in the name of protecting their party is deeply troubling.

Hopefully, the GOP will start putting more emphasis on the quality of the candidate and not just the color of his tie before it’s too late. 

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