Accident Of Van Delivering Money Causes Pedestrians To Pocket Cash

There’s no such thing as free money, ever! Money doesn’t grow on trees – but in this case, it came falling out of the sky.

At least if you can substitute the sky for a van that got into an unfortunate accident on one of Hong Kong’s busiest roads.

What you’re watching in the video above are the passerby’s and pedestrians who got to the wads of cash that came out of a van delivering a total sum of HK$525 million which is worth $68 million.

It’s estimated that $4.5 million from that bunch ended up on the road. And obviously, people who saw it felt like they had found their lucky penny. That’s a whole lot of moola!  

The incident occurred during lunch time in the Wan Chai district on Hong Kong Island. People even jumped out of their cars to pocket the cash.

But there’s no such thing as free cash. Luckily, armed police came about soon enough to secure the area. The Honk Kong police have issued a warning that failure to return the rest would be considered "a very serious crime".

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