Creationist Wants His Fossil to Support Both World Views

A creationist who uncovered 60 million year old fossils wants them to be displayed with a plaque supporting his views, as well.

Alberta creationist Edgar

The Alberta creationist who found fish fossils that were determined to be about 60 million years old wants them to be displayed with two plaques – one supporting creationism and one supporting science. Edgar Nernberg found the fossils while excavating a basement in Calgary. Thankfully, he had knowledge about fossils and knew what they were immediately.

The irony of Nernberg’s finding is not lost on him, but he is able to laugh about it. His idea is that the fossils are open to interpretation. “There’s no dates stamped on these things,” he said, according to the Calgary SunThis way of thinking is why Nernberg is so good-natured about all of this, and why he is letting the Royal Tyrell Museum display the fossils, instead of the Big Valley Creationist Museum, which he helped create. His only provision is that the display includes a plaque that explains that his find is from the past 6,000 years, which is when he believes the world was created.

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The bottom line is that this finding is amazing and reveals rare information about our world – and Nernberg agrees. “Yeah, I’d like to maintain possession of it, but then only a few people would see it,” he said. He just wants the fossils to be out there.

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