Connecticut Is Making A Statement To Indiana's New Law

Connecticut is expressing their opinion loud and clear about Indiana's new discrimination laws.

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Connecticut's Governor Dan Malloy has banned city-funded travel to Indiana, as a protest against Indiana's new discrimination laws.

The state has legally recognized Gay Marriage since 2008, and they have a very strong opinion about any state that would have a problem with this, let alone not letting gay people come into people's businesses. 

The law was passed last week as a 'religious objections law', which technically means that people have the right to express their religion how they see fit-which is a facade in what they are really trying to ban.

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Indiana's hotels, restaurants, and other businesses now can refuse to serve gay people.

Connecticut has no patience for this, and they are making it known how they feel about any state that makes discrimination legal.

Connecticut is the third party, after San Francisco and Seattle, that has hopped on a city-funded travel ban to Indiana.

Go Connecticut!

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