Cuba Wants To Get Off America's Terrorism List

Cuba tells the U.S to take them off the terrorism list before restoring ties.

Recently, the U.S and Cuba have talked about restoring ties after an over 50 year embargo.

However, Cuba doesn't want to go forward until the U.S takes the country off their state sponsors of terrorism list-and who can blame them?

Ever since the ties between the two have been severed in 1961, finally things might change.

This week, Raul Castro and Barack Obama will talk face to face, where Cuba will make it clear that they do not want to appear on the same list as Iran, Syria, and Sudan.

The senior official told reports, "We cannot conceive re-establishing diplomatic relations while Cuba continues to be included on the list."

After the embargo is lifted, business with Cuba will certainly change-but not until they are stopped being looked at as terrorists by the U.S.

The reason Cuba was on the list was due to their support of the Basque separatist group ETA and Colombia's FARC guerrillas. However, there's been no proof that the Cuban government provides for these groups, and peace talks have actually been taking place to help Cuba's fight. The U.S is far more concerned with groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Luckily, the U.S's state sponsors of terrorism list is nothing permanent, so Cuba will most likely be taken off after further discussion which will hopefully expedite their removal.

As for the other countries, it isn't looking to good.

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