Cumbria Police Chief Says Force Can Handle Shootings Investigation

The chief constable of Cumbria has told the government his small force can cope with running one of the largest investigations into a mass shooting on British soil.The home secretary, Theresa May, and the prime minister, David Cameron, have both spoken to Cumbria's police chief Craig Mackey, who has told them he has all the resources he needs. They will also visit him tomorrow.In the House of Commons May said "lessons would be learned" about the police response to the shooting spree if any emerged, as some locals questioned why Derrick Bird was able to travel around killing people for three hours after the first emergency calls to police.Cumbria is one of Britain's smallest police services and has bought in detectives from other forces to help it staff a team of 100 detectives investigating the shootings and what led the gunman to open fire.Forces across the north-west of England have offered help. During the time when Bird was carrying out the attacks Cumbria called in helicopters fro