This Octopus Is So Cute Researchers Might Name It “Adorabilis”

Move aside puppies and kittens; there’s a new cutie in town.

Octopus, Stephanie Bush

A small round octopus that makes its home on the dark sea bed might be the cutest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. Think we’re exaggerating? This octopus is cute enough to have its adorability become a part of its name!

"As someone that's describing the species you get to pick what the specific name is,” says Stephanie Bush, postdoctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. “One of the thoughts I had was making it Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis – because they're really cute."

This little octopus is more than a little similar to the ones that chased you while playing Pac-Man!

Want a little more adorable? These pretty humming birds were also endearing enough to have Adorabilis become a part of their scientific name!

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