CWG scam: Suresh Kalmadi to be in CBI custody for 8 days

New Delhi: The survival skills that Suresh Kalmadi's political career is best known for were on full display today. He was being led into a Delhi court when a man hurled a slipper at him. Mr Kalmadi didn't miss a beat as the slipper missed him by inches and landed nearby. He continued towards court with a smile on his face.

The slipper-thrower, a lawyer named Manoj Sharma from Gwalior, was immediately detained. He has told the police he wants to fight corruption; the police in turn says it is assessing his mental stability.

In court as well, Mr Kalmadi stayed preternaturally calm as the CBI explained the evidence that led to his arrest yesterday. As Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Commonwealth Game, Mr Kalmadi is accused of corruption - of inducing and benefitting from it - by delivering inflated contracts to companies that charged exorbitant rates for equipment and services employed for the Games that were held in September in India.

The CBI says it is collecting evidence on a wide range of contracts to prove this. For now, it has targeted Mr Kalmadi for overpaying a Swiss firm 95 crores for timing and scorekeeping equipment that was used at different venues. Mr Kalmadi's lawyer, Hitesh Jain, passed the buck today to former Sports Minister MS Gill. "If you look at the decision-making process, the decision was ultimately taken by the Minister of Youth & Affairs, the then minister MS Gill, and no summons have been issued to him, no investigation, neither has he been called to record any statement," said Mr Jain.