This Lady Is The First Female Firefighter To Muscle Into FDNY Beefcake Calendar

Now here’s a trailblazer: Firefighter Danae Mines is the first ever woman to make it to the New York Fire Department’s Beefcake Calendar.

This hottie is a 14-year veteran of Engine Co. 60 in South Bronx and the only woman ever to be featured amongst the hot, brawny honchos of the New York Fire Department.

The very term ‘beefcake’ meaning photograph or performance depicting a large and muscular male body defies her presence in the calendar.  

But here is Danae Mines looking strong and equally sexy on the calendar for the month of March, 2015- aptly for International Women’s Day which falls during that month.

She is one of only 41 female firefighters in the department and her accomplishment is not without a cause, “I think it's great. I would love to inspire other women to come on the job. I hope seeing my picture in the calendar inspires women to come on the job," she says.

It wasn’t easy of course, when she decided to try out for the calendar, making an entry into an extremely male dominated domain and was discouraged by some as well.  She auditioned with more than 100 male contenders for the calendar and not only made it to the calendar but history as well.

"It's fantastic. I'm proud of her. I'm proud of everybody that was able to put this together. It's great," says her fellow firefighter John Kilian.

The calendar features 13 firefighters and is on sale for $15 with proceeds going to the FDNY Foundation which funds fire safety education for the public and supplements costs for training and equipment.

Hats off to this trailblazing firefighter.

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