Dancing Cop, Tony Lepore Stops Holiday Traffic In Rhode Island (VIDEO)

Officer Tony Lepore is as much a holiday tradition as anything else in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

Officer Tony Leporeis as much a holiday tradition as anything else indowntown Providence, Rhode Island.

The 65-Year-old police officer comes out of retirement every year for directing traffic while dancing… yes; you read it right, while DANCING!

Police Celebrity

Since 1984, Lepore has amused drivers and pedestrians with dance moves in the state while directing traffic."He is a Rhode Island landmark, more or less. He's an icon, he's like a little mini celebrity," said Michelle Peterson, an emergency medical technician who lives in Warwick. "It feels good to see him out here; it definitely brings the holiday spirit. I think people come out here just to see him and I think it brings some people to shop so they can see him.” she added.

Police Celebrity

The dancing cop revealed that it all started as a result of the boredom and irritation that officers naturally experience while directing rushing drivers and pedestrians. So, Lepore got inspired by a classic "Candid Camera" television footage he saw once that showed police officers elsewhere directing traffic with style.

"I didn't know if my bosses were going to like it, so a lot of times if I saw a boss come down, I'd be doing my fancy stuff, then I'd go back and do it the old-fashioned way so I don't get caught," said Lepore.

Well, his secret didn't last long and the state's largest newspaper The Providence Journal came out with a story on the dancing cop.

Police Celebrity

Lepore said that his dance moves are planned to give directions to drivers so to avoid causing confusion at the intersections. He further highlighted the fact that the his dancing has never been a distraction for people and has never caused any accident: "I think it would be more of a distraction if I was in a different town and they didn't know I was out there, but most of Providence, they even know me by the sound of my whistle," he said. "It's more of a spectacle where people love to just come down here and see me do it around Christmastime, and they enjoy it ... and I enjoy it."

Well, isn’t it a cool way of managing traffic? Imagine a dancing cop directing you on busy intersections!Just thinking about  it makes you go ‘wow’ doesn’t it!

All we can say to the talented officer is to keep dancing and spinning. Everyone loves his moves!

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