The Freaky Wind That Caused Injuries At The Rose Bowl Was Not A Tornado

That’s certainly NOT a tornado but it’s still pretty scary!

This video, inaptly titledTornado at the Rose Bowl,” is actually of a dust devil that made an appearance in California, U.S. It was filmed by Gary Knudson, the CEO of AdSport outside Pasadena Stadium.

What you see in the video is no tornado; it is in fact a phenomenon called “dust devil” which is a whirlwind where the winds travel upward.

In various parts of the world, there is a bad omen associated with them – especially it seems, in some parts of the Middle East. In the southwestern parts of the U.S., it is sometimes referred to as a “dancing devil.”

They are mostly harmless but in this instance, it was quite scary and managed to harm a few people.

“The power it had to … lift up those tents and the huge inflatable and toss them around, it was really amazing,” Knudson told KTLA.

It was reported that four people were injured as a result of these crazy winds. Luckily, all of these injuries were minor ones and treated on the scene.

The freaky weather, for which a wind advisory has been issued in parts of California, took place prior to a college football semifinal set for New Year's Day.

Hopefully, the 101st Rose Bowl game, which features no. 2 Oregon and no. 3 Florida State, will take place without any weather disruption or any more wind injuries.

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