Denmark Believes Sex & Violence Will Promote Voting

Orgies, oral sex and violence is how Denmark encourages its youth to vote.

If one was asked to guess implemented tactics in a video to promote voting in elections, things that probably wouldn’t’ make it to the last are oral sex, orgies and violence. Yet that’s all there really is to the controversial Danish Parliamentary animation video.

The Background:

The Danish Parliament released a curious animation apparently designed to appeal to the youth and urge them to vote in the upcoming May 25 elections. Unsurprisingly, the Danish Parliament was sharply criticized and forced to remove the animation from its official YouTube channel.

The 90-second clip introduces us to a superhero “VOTEMAN” – a sex-crazed, muscular brute who’s out to make sure everyone votes.

What Happens In The Bizarre Video

The Video, which was posted to the Danish parliament’s YouTube channel, came with the following disclaimer,“Voteman is a fictional character. The opinions expressed are solely Voteman’s. No hipsters were harmed in the making of this film.”

VOTEMAN rips off the head of a youth who admits he will not vote

cartoon Uses Sex


VOTEMAN is shown having sex with 5 women

cartoon Uses Sex

VOTEMAN riding on the backs of his dolphins

cartoon Uses Sex

VOTEMAN barges in on a couple having sex on Election Day

cartoon Uses Sex

VOTEMAN decides to throw the couple out the window

cartoon Uses Sex

VOTEMAN punches people into voting booths

cartoon Uses Sex

But wait a minute. Aren’t such parliamentary disseminations meant to inspire a youth that is civically active, politically informed, and socially engaged? This video not only neglects that role altogether, it smashes it to smithereens by glorifying debauchery, oppressive sexual liaisons and violent behavior. 

Internet Reactions

As usual, there’s a schism in how social media feels about this. Some feel that this is an interesting attempt to increase election awareness whereas others are calling it sickening and senseless.

Personally, we feel this video has too much uncalled-for sex.

Sex sells, sure. But are we really going to rely on sex to get people voting now?

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