Meet The Darth Vader Of Ukrainian Politics

Campaigning as Darth Vader? Yes that will get you votes...NOT!

Darth Vader doesn't just exist in the fictional world of Star Wars. He is an active member of Kiev's politics and will take part in Ukraine's upcoming parliamentary elections.

That's right. A man dressed as the Sith Lord, complete with a set of Stormtroopers, has been taking to the streets of Kiev to campaign for the country's Oct. 26 elections.

He is a member of Internet Party of Ukraine, whose manifesto is to establish an electronic government and make computer education free for all.

"I will become the president, which is important," Vader told Reuters. "My very first step will be the computerization of the entire state of Ukraine."

The sight of Vader and his Kalashnikov-wielding minions is not a new sight in Ukrainian politics. He first tried to run for the presidential elections, but his papers were rejected since he wasn't willing to reveal his actual identity. He then tried to be the mayor in both Kiev and Odessa, but unfortunately, the people rejected him. And can you blame them for not trusting a man who poses as an evil villain from the Galactic Empire?

Next time, try being Superman – or Batman for that touch of darkness.  

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