Fort Worth Officer Caught On Camera Shooting Black Man In The Back

Ramsha Sadiq Khan
The video appears to show a police officer shooting David Collie as he was walking away. The incident left the 33-year-old paralyzed from waist down.

What happened to Jacqueline Craig in Fort Worth, Texas, was not an isolated incident.

Craig, an African-American mother-of-two, made headlines after the appalling video of her arrest went viral, prompting outrage all across the country. The woman reportedly called the police after a white neighbor tried to choke her 7-year-old son. However, when the cop turned up, he brutalized the woman and her family instead.

The authorities are claiming it was a one-off, but despite all the claims, Fort Worth appears to have a rather alarming problem of police violence.

Earlier this year, another African-American man named David Brandon Collie was left paralyzed from the waist down after a Fort Worth police officer shot him in the back. At the time, the cop claimed the 33-year-old had threatened him a box-cutter. The court charged the victim, who suffered severe abdominal injuries and spent 61 days in the hospital, with aggravated assault. However, the grand jury refused to indict him.

Now, to prove the excessive use of violence by the police force is not uncommon in the area, Collie released the dashcam footage of his shooting, July 27 near the parking lot of an apartment complex, through his attorney Nate Washington.

“Many members of our community have been assaulted, handled roughly by Fort Worth police officers,” Washington said. “To be clear, we believe the vast majority of police officers are good and decent people.”

The police said they found a box cutter 10 feet away from where Collie was shot, but Washington said the footage (posted above) does not show his client had the weapon. In fact, the officer shot him when he was more than 30 feet away and did not pose a threat.

“[Collie’s] assertion is [he] was only trying to comply,” the attorney told The Washington Post. “These officers pulled up, they’re moving kind of quickly, one of them has a gun drawn. He told me ‘I was scared. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do.’ When I met him in the hospital, he told me, ‘Nate, I was trying to comply and they shot me in the back.’”

Apparently, the cops were looking for two robbery suspects when they saw someone matching the description walking into an apartment complex. Since racial profiling is still alive and well, the officers followed him and claimed to have seen the suspect pulling out something silver from his pocket before one of them shot him.

Watch the dashcam video of the assault in video above.

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