David Cameron Speaks About Plans To Mend 'Broken Society'

"There is something wrong in Britain today: ""There has always been violence. There has always been evil. But there is something about the frequency of these crimes – the depravity of these crimes, that betrays a deep and fundamental problem in Britain today... When you see schools that have metal detectors at their entrance. When you see fire engines called out on a hoax only to be pelted with bricks. When you see people with disabilities abused on the streets because they are in a wheelchair. When you see people take their lives because they’ve become so overwhelmed by out-of-control debt and they can’t bear to tell their family. When you see addicts whose only daily event is the queue to get some methadone to take the edge off life for a little bit. When you see those who have never worked, who have no shape to their day or structure to their life and the grim grind of hopelessness is there in their eyes, your inner voice says – something is fundamentally not right here. Something i