David Gregory In Legal Battle For Showing High-Capacity Gun Magazine On Air

David Gregory, host of NBC's Meet The Press, is under investigation for holding up a gun magazine on the air. A magazine of that size is illegal in Washington D.C., where the show is aired.

David Gregory learned a valuable lesson: if you are going to break the law, don't do it in front of millions of people. Gregory, host of NBC's Meet the Press, is being investigated for holding up a 30-round gun magazine on air. The on air part didn't make it illegal, but it is spurring the investigation. Gregory can't play dumb here either: NBC reportedly asked the Washington Metro Police Department if it would be legal to show a gun magazine of that size on the air, and they were told that, it is illegal to possess one in Washington D.C., even if you are David Gregory, host of Meet the Press.

David Gregory went ahead and did it anyway, and it's possible he will be arrested for it. Gregory was brash in wanting the visual of the actual gun on air, but his heart was in the right place. He was asking NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre if Adam Lanza, the Newtown CT shooter had access to less ammunition, would he have killed fewer people. For a moment, the heat is off the NRA for pushing the sale of such magazines, and on Gregory, for trying to spotlight them.

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