Florida Man Mixes Firearms With Alcohol At His Gun Range

While safety is a priority for business owner Ron Perkins, he says adding alcohol to the club’s menu helps him make more money.

As if handing people lethal weapons for practice isn’t risky enough, a Florida gun range is soon going to add booze to its menu.

In order to be more profitable, an indoor gun range attached to a high-end restaurant has just announced plans to serve alcohol to its customers, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

People can bring their own guns or rent them on-site.

“Leery” at first, city commissioners approved the restaurant nearly across the board with only one of them voting against it, saying the planned safety precautions weren't convincing enough.

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While the idea – obviously – sounds like a bad one to many, owner Ron Perkinson says his new establishment must sell alcohol in order to make more money. As far as safety is concerned, he told WKMG earlier in June that workers would be trained just like cops to handle difficult crowds.

“If they’re renting a handgun, or if they were bringing their own, they would do the paperwork, scan their ID,” he explained. “[Workers] will be trained to visually look at the person, look at their eyes [and] look at their pupils, just like an officer would.”

It’s not as if Perkinson doesn’t understand the potential dangers of mixing a bar with a gun range, but he insists, according to Mediaite, that he only wants to “give you a nice meal before you go home. If you choose to have an alcoholic beverage and go home, that’s on you.”

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