Cat Comes Back To Life 5 Days After Its Burial

Bart was spotted by a neighbor five days after its burial, in a scene straight out of Pet Sematary.

Florida Cat Returns

Reuniting with a lost pet is a heart-warming experience, but reuniting with a pet that has just returned from dead is an entirely different story.

It sounds highly unlikely for something of the sort to ever happen, but Florida, the state more recently known for its insane criminals, is now the site of a modern day miracle.

Beloved family cat "Bart" was hit by a car and later found by its owner Ellis Huston lying on the road, soaked in blood. The cat was unnaturally stiff, which led the owner to believe that it was dead.

Thoroughly devastated, the Tampa man couldn’t bring himself to bury his beloved pet, so he enlisted the help of his friend David Liss to dig a grave and bury Bart.

One problem: The cat wasn't dead after all.

 “As far as I know, he wasn't breathing,” Liss explained. “I looked at it, and I looked at it, and I didn't see the chest moving up and down or anything and I said, 'You know, well look at the blood, it's dead.’”

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The days went by until Bart suddenly showed up in the neighborhood. Huston’s neighbor spotted the disheveled cat in her backyard five days after its burial and alerted the owner about its miraculous return.

"It was unbelievable," said Huston. "The cat was smelly, the cat was dirty. The cat had a big hole in the side of his head.”

The injured cat was immediately taken to Humane Society of Tampa Bay, an organization dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing them with care and comfort. The doctors and staff at the clinic treated Bart’s multiple fractures and injuries along with the damaged eye that is yet to be removed.

 “I can't explain it. So miracles happen ... Miracles do happen,” exclaimed Huston.

As much as it sounds like a chapter right out of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Bart’s return was a source of joy for Huston and his family. As for those who remain wondering how the feline clawed its way out of the grave, here’s a theory that might sustain them.

“We have two cats and they play together all the time and they roam around with each other,” claimed Hutson. “He might have went looking for his brother and dug him up – but I have no idea.”

Although this theory is only a speculation, it does make a lot of sense.

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