Chart Shows Shocking Difference Between Victims Of Terrorism and Guns

The difference in the numbers is staggering. The mass shooting that just occurred in San Bernardino, California as gunmen opened fire inside a center for developmental disabilities is sickening.

mass shooting in america 2015

It marks the 352nd mass shooting this year within just 336 days. The need for stronger gun laws and gun control is obvious; mass shootings will continue in this vein unless something changes. Yet many Americans remain obstinate, refusing to relinquish any personal “freedoms” in order to improve public safety.

Many of these same Americans cite terrorism as the number one threat to our nation—a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll indicated that 42 percent of Americans see terrorism and national security as the most important issue facing our country right now.

This chart definitively proves otherwise. Produced by Mic through data from the New America Foundation, the U.S. Justice Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Gun Violence Archive, it illustrates the colossal difference between American deaths due to jihadist attacks and American deaths resulting from homicides: 29 vs. 132,349.

With these 352 mass shootings within a year and over 132,000 deaths due to homicide, Americans should be equally, if not more concerned with gun violence as opposed to ISIS threats. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Complex

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