Deep Sea Divers Find Mysterious Blob The Size Of A Car

Giant blob nick-named "The Thing" contains millions of little dots floating inside, scientists think it may be an egg sack.

A group of divers found a massive semitransparent blob underwater off the coast of Turkey. The diver’s described the blob as “very soft” and appeared “gelatinous.” As the divers got close to the organism, they noticed several floating dots inside.

Despite their up close encounter and inspection, the divers weren’t able to determine what the blob was but scientists are now saying they think it could be a giant mass containing squid eggs. 

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One of the divers named Lutfu Tanriover named the blob, “The Thing” and one scientist who specializes in squid, Dr. Michael Vecchione suggests if it is an egg mass it could be from a species of squid called “Ommastrephes bartramii” which means “red flying squid.”   

Only one other giant egg mass has been discovered in recent years, back in 2008 when the 10 to 13 foot egg sack of a Humboldt squid was found in the Gulf of California. There were nearly 2 million eggs developing inside of that mass.

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The rarity of people encountering these egg masses is due to the depth of water they are usually found in and the short amount of time it takes for baby squid to hatch.

Images of the divers examining the mass has begun circulating the internet where you can see the divers shining a flash light into the giant bubble and pointing out the tiny eggs. 

Divers encounter mysterious blob off Turkey

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