Meet “Deez Nuts” – The Presidential Hopeful Who Just Trolled America

While Trump is leading the presidential race, according to a Public Policy Polling, an independent candidate is turning heads in North Carolina.

Deez Nuts

Republican candidate Donald Trump has had a good month so far, leading the presidential race in public polls, closely followed by Hillary Clinton.

However, an independent candidate is turning heads in North Carolina after pulling impressive numbers in a recent Public Policy Polling survey.

Going by the name of “Deez Nuts,” this hopeful is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina for president of the United States – after faring equally brilliantly in PPP polls in Minnesota (8 percent) and Iowa (7 percent).

The results technically make him the most successful independent candidate for president in two decades.

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Unfortunately, this unlikely favorite of the masses is not real. But Brady C. Olson is.

The 15-year-old from Wallingford, Iowa, Olson is about to enter his sophomore year in high school.

Olson reportedly filed to run for the president of the United States with the FEC on July 26 as Deez Nuts.

“It’s amazing how this campaign caught on. Right now it’s mainly just the name recognition, but hopefully as we go down the stretch people will actually take the time to look at my campaign website and look at my platform,” Olson told The Guardian.

The teenager even has a Facebook page called Deez Nuts for President 2016 that is receiving much praise and endorsement from hundreds of people. 


Wow! Nearly 500 new likes just today. Thanks for the support. Hope you guys keep this energy flowing.

Posted by Deez Nuts for President 2016 on  Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Olson told Rolling Stone that he decided to run because he “really didn't want to see Clinton, Bush or Trump in the White House.” He says he would endorse either Bernie Sanders (D-VT) or Gary Johnson (L-NM).

In his manifesto, "Nuts" said he is considering running in the Rent Is Too Damn High Party or the Marijuana Party, among others.

While Olson is of course 20 years shy of legally serving as president, he has enjoyed the attention he received in the past week.

“It’s been really fun so far,” Olson said. “I just hope that we can actually do something memorable in 2016 that we all could remember forever.”

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