Best Anti-Street Harassment Ad That Will Shame Indian Men

This ad is mind blowing and just what India needs!!!

Women get ogled at all over the world, but in India men tend to stare with a greater deal of intensity. That is the reason Whistling Woods International, a film, television and media arts institute in Mumbai, felt compelled to take out a subtle yet powerful public service message titled Dekh le tu dekhte hue kaisa lagta hai (See how you look while ogling).

It can be infuriating and at times even embarrassing for women when they are ogled at. What is a woman to do? Ignore them? Look away? Retaliate? Dress more conservatively? It seems that none of these ideas work and the men continue to stare.

The ad is not just for women, but also the men, who fail to realize the adverse affect of their actions.

The ad shows them and the message is hard to overlook.

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I've literally never seen a campaign more powerful and less victim-blaming than # DekhLe, tweets Katherine.

Saying that it hasn’t been a good year for the women in India is a major understatement. The country has been in the headlines, with regards to women, for all the wrong reasons. Women have found themselves to be victims of sexual harassment and have been victimized by everyone from hoodlums to the elite of society.

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