Democratic Pakistan’s Five Years Of Revenge: Rehman Malik And Death

So Pakistan FINALLY got rid of the so-called democratic rule led by the so called Pakistan People’s Party on Saturday. Yes, it is true. Neither PPP’s government was a people’s party nor was it practicing true democracy.

So Pakistan FINALLY got rid of the so-called democratic rule led by the so-called Pakistan People’s Party on Saturday. Yes, it is true. Neither PPP’s government was a people’s party nor was it practicing true democracy.

Asif Ali Zardari

A lot more people were behind the inefficient government that has left us with even lesser food, electricity, money, livelihood, and above all security. We now have more poverty, power outages, fragile economy, unemployment and above all sectarian and ethnic violence. The worst part of it all is that whenever PPP (short for Pakistan People’s Party) was approached with complaints for all the previously mentioned problems, the answer was pretty much the same, always:

The dictator [Pervez Musharraf] and his policies are responsible for the sorry state of the country. We paid with blood. Democracy is the best revenge. Long Live Bhutto!’  (PPP, 2007)

‘Democracy is the best revenge. We paid with blood. The dictator [Pervez Musharraf] and his policies are responsible for the sorry state of the country. Long Live Bhutto!’   (PPP, Today)

The idea of democracy made the (less) miserable common man of Pakistan, under Musharraf’s regime, feel good and hopeful. The people who helped PPP win the elections with overwhelming votes thought that the “democratic” party would do great things. And they did - terrible, but great.  Democracy is the best revenge. Indeed it is. You can make people miserable with democracy and make them suffer. It has been tried and tested on us.

Democratic Pakistan’s Five Years Of Revenge

There is a whole lot of statistics and officialdata available to provide proof of the fact that Pakistan People’s Party was a successful government. And there is an equal (probably a bit more) amount of official data present to confirm that it was an unsuccessful one. Confusing, isn’t it? But it is true and we Pakistanis have been living with this confusion for the past five years. For this very reason there will be a lot less facts and figures in this piece. There will be a lot more perspectives and real-life, first-hand experiences.

The Suffering:

Suffering cannot be put into statistics. The common man cannot express his misery into percentages and when someone, especially from the government, tries to justify and object to his misery using official data and stuff, they get mad. They have the right to get mad.


Whether the level of poverty or education increased or decreased is debatable. But one only cares about these two when one is safe, secure and alive. The issue of security perhaps remains the biggest and has had the most impact on the lives of the common people of Pakistan.

Rehman Malik and Security:

Former Interior Minister, (most ironically) Intelligence Officer and aspiring astrologist Rehman Malik said in his fare-thee-not-so- well statement: “When I became Interior Minister the main challenge was that of terrorism. However, we have succeeded in breaking the backbone of terrorists.” All Pakistanis would, without any doubt, agree that this is a joke. And a  big fat lie.

Democratic Pakistan’s Five Years Of Revenge

When Malik became Interior Minister the only challenge was the security of the citizens. Now that he has left, there is no biggest challenge but there are challenges such as ethnic target killings, sectarian/ minority violence and Talibanisation in Pakistan.  The only thing Malik and his party has succeeded in breaking, is the trust of the common man in PPP and democratic rule.

Suffering Continues…

Surely Mr. Malik was successful in predicting the bomb blasts and attacks, but he actually did nothing, absolutely nothing to, if not stop, prevent them. He banned pillion riding for the sake of security. People who were already not able to get on heavily loaded buses due to the non-availability of CNG (compressed natural gas) and petrol, couldn’t even get on a motorbike with a friend to reach work on time. Terrorists and suicide bombers and target killers, by the way, never really got affected by the ban. Their work is not restricted to what kind of vehicle they use.

Riots. Blasts, Murder, Mayhem:

The Quetta and Karachi blasts, the 2009 Gojra riots and the recent Joseph Colony incident are enough proof of the fact that this government was anything but interested in the prosperity of Pakistan. The sort of indifference showed by the government officials was extra ordinary. Minorities no longer feel a part of this country. And the premieres of this country are either out on “official” tours, building expensive castles in Lahore or busy dealing with criminal charges in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Democratic Pakistan’s Five Years Of Revenge

People die every single day. On a regular day in Karachi, ten to fifteen people are kidnapped for ransom or shot in an hour. This is grave but only for the people who suffer and not for the corrupt politicians with dual nationalities.

TUQ Arrives; Then Leaves:

In the first two years, the people waited that things would take time to get better. They didn’t. The wait of two years went up to a wait of three, then four and the people of Pakistan are still waiting (in vain). When Tahir-ul-Qadristepped in, there was a considerable amount of people who thought they could oust Zardari like the Egyptians and find a leader in him. But they were wrong, as usual.

What Now?

After TuQ’s Islamabad long march and the almost non-existent state of security, Pakistan is now divided into three sections. People who wish to run away and never come back, some who still have hope and die every day for it and those who simply don’t care because they have lost their sense of judgment.

Betrayed by democracy, bitten by dictatorship, the citizens of Pakistan have now come to a point where they have no clue what the future holds for them. Nevertheless, congratulations to the people of Pakistan on the end of the democratic tenure and God Speed.

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