Democrats Lose Control Of The House As Obama Faces Worst Poll Defeat In 68 Years

(Dailymail) Democrats lose House - but retain control of Senate

Sarah Palin calls results 'an earthquake'

Projections mean Nancy Pelosi's term as first woman House Speaker is over

Harry Reid re-elected in huge boost for Democrats

Christine O'Donnell loses her bid for Senate

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The Republicans rode a tidal wave of public anger to reclaim control of the House of Representatives from President Obama's Democrat Party with a historic victory tonight.

Although few counts across the country were completed, the AP, CNN and Fox News all confidently projected a Republican victory.

Fox predicted a massive gain of 60 seats for the Republicans - the biggest margin for 68 years.

But all was not entirely lost as CNN projected Mr Obama's party will keep control of the Senate.

Speaking on Fox tonight in reaction to the projection, Sarah Palin said: 'That's an earthquake.'

Sixty is huge,' she added. 'It really isn’t a surprise though I think to so many who have been tracking closely the mood, the sentiment of the American public.

'To me that’s an earthquake. It is a huge message sent. It is a shakeup and then we’re going to see some of the shakeup in the Senate too.

'It is a big darn deal,' Palin added. 'There is a lot of disenchantment and some disenfranchisement that the American public feels when we’re trying to relate to what government is doing to our country right now. So it’s a big deal to see this shakeup to see this turnaround.

The power switch will mean that Nancy Pelosi's reign as America's first woman House Speaker is over.

She will be replaced by Republican leader John Boehner when Congress reconvenes after the election.