Demonstrators In Spain Protest New Abortion Law

MADRID — Hundreds of people on Saturday staged a protest outside Spain's highest court to demand the suspension of a new more liberal abortion law, two days before it was to take effect. The protesters, carrying placards reading "No to abortion, yes to life" and "Everyone has the right to life", gathered in front of the Constitutional Court building in Madrid in response to a call by around 60 anti-abortion groups. They also chanted "25 years is enough," a reference to the decriminalisation of abortion in Spain in 1985. The Socialist government's new abortion reforms -- which notably allow all women to end their pregnancies up until 14 weeks -- take effect on Monday. But the Constitutional Court last Wednesday agreed to hear a challenge to the law from the conservative opposition Popular Party. It gave the government and the parliament three days to present their cases in favour of the reforms. The PP has argued that the legislation violates an article of the constitution.