Denmark Bans Sex With Animals. Still OK In Some U.S. States

The new law in Denmark seeks to curb bestiality sex tourism.

Denmark is planning to ban bestiality after long-running international pressure, it's one of the few European countries which still allows humans to have sex with animals.

Norway, Sweden and Germany have all banned the practice, leading to a rise in the underground animal zoophilia tourism in Denmark. (Bestiality and zoophilia are the formal names for having sex with animals for pleasure) 

A recent Gallup poll revealed 76 per cent of Danes supported a ban on the legality of animal sex.  Some who have sex with animals recently spoke up in a documentary about zoophilia. "I need an animal to be happy. If you fall in love with your animal, a sexual relationship is not out of the question", said an anonymous man. 

In countries like Denmark, laws have been fairly open regarding sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal as long as the animal isn't harmed. This strange loophole in the law has led to a flourishing business - brothels for humans who want to have sex with animals. Animal owners charge from $85 to $170 dollars US. 

Meanwhile, laws against zoophilia and animal sodomy in the United States are matter of state rather than federal jurisdiction. There is no federal law which explicitly prohibits sex between humans and animals.

Bestiality is a misdemeanor in the following 19 states:

Alaska; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Florida; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Minnesota; Nebraska; New York; North Dakota; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Utah; Virgin Islands; and Wisconsin.

Bestiality is charged as a felony in these 16 states:

Arizona; Deleware; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Massachusetts; Michigan; Mississippi; North Carolina; Oklahoma; Puerto Rico; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; and Washington.

Bestiality is completely legal in the following 18 states, districts, and territories:

Alabama; Arkansas; Washington, D.C.; Guam; Hawaii; Kentucky; Montana; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; Ohio; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; and Wyoming.

There is a petition to enact laws making sex with animals illegal in the remaining states. 


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