Dennis Rodman Has Passed Arnold Schwarzenegger For Weirdest Career Arc Ever

Dennis Rodman may have just passed Arnold Schwarzenegger for weirdest career arc ever.

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Dennis Rodman will secure the prize of weirdest career arc ever if he can win the release of North Korean prisoner Kenneth Bae. PHOTO: Reuters

Dennis Rodman is

a)      A former basketball star, who played an integral role in championship teams with Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen

b)      An ostentatious, tattoo-covered, crazy-dresser celebrity who dated Madonna and starred on Celebrity Apprentice.

c)       A buddy to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and possibly the most important unofficial American diplomat

d)      All of the above

The answer is of course “d”: Dennis Rodman is all of these things. Rodman is well on his way to passing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the weirdest career arc ever. Schwarzenegger went from being a famous body-builder to an action star to Governor of California. Like Rodman, he had three very distinct and successful careers, but Schwarzenegger’s path has some company. Body-builders have become movie stars, and Ronald Reagan was a movie star before he became Governor of California and then President (a step Schwarzenegger dreamed of taking, but which won’t happen).

Rodman, however, may have him beat with this bizarre third act as confidant to Kim Jong Un. What will seal the deal is if Rodman can get Kim Jong Un to release American prisoner Kenneth Bae, who was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor in a North Korean prison camp. Rodman’s career arc is already stranger than Schwarzenegger’s but Ahnold was successful at everything he did. Rodman is mostly famous for being a weirdo, but if he can weird his way into freeing an American prisoner, then we can say he won.

I want your votes and your alternate options: Weirdest career arc: Rodman, Schwarzenegger or someone else?

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